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TABITHA is available for $5000

Tabitha was born on 9/10/12 so she is just 2 years old. We have hand-raised her with our family. Her parents are Tuffie and Mojo. We are going to retire her to a quality loving home. This girl is really amazing. Not just body and looks but she had the personality that we are known for. She doesn't chew on furniture, is loving and sweet & is doggie door trained.

Tabitha is one of my "go to girls" if a family wants to come in and meet one of our Frenchies. She is so VERY social and out going. Never met a stranger. Loves everyone. Would go home with anyone that came into our shop. She is our little greeter at the office. If you have been here you have met her.

Tabitha is our tiny sweetie pie. She loves children and is so wonderful & gentle with kids and other dogs. She is all about having a good time. Well really, what Frenchie isn't? Tabby is a striking brindle female with beautiful coat. She has a great conformation to match her winning temperament & weighs just 16 lbs.! You can tell by Tabitha's body and her stance that she has AKC Champions in her background and she does. Her great granddad was an AKC Champion. Every person that meets her wants to know if they can just take her home with them.


If you are interested in adopting Tabitha please fill out a profile and adoption questionnaire or if you have questions call, email or text Kay 859-582-3315. If texting please include your name with the text message. Thanks! 

Bean is available for $4450.

Bean is one extra special tiny little cream girl. She is a mamma's girl and rules the house as if she were Queen...don't they all? Bean has the huge block head with great bat ears on this tiny little muscular stocky body. We have hand rasied her with our family. Her dad is our Famous Buddy and her mom is Lexi. Bean is low to the ground and weighs in at just 16 lbs. We have loads of pictures just let us know if you would like to see more.

Bean's birthday is 10/12/09 so she just turned 5. We think she is one adoraBull, funny, smart, athletic, loving tiny fur ball that has that cute Frenchie smile that everyone is always talking about. She loves people & actually she is one of THOSE frenchies that thinks she IS a person!!

Bean has been a great mom and has given us some of the most beautiful puppies! She is up to date on all of her shots and will come with her shot record & full AKC papers and is ready to go. We are looking for a loving retirement home for her but she can have one more litter of puppies if her new family would like to share the love!


If you are interested in Bean please fill out adoption information online or text/call Kay at 859-582-3315. We interview families for our adults the same as we do for our puppies. It is very important to us that all of our Frenchies go to quality loving homes.


Oreo is available for $2950

Oreo is a black and white pied with unique markings. I think you can see how she got the name Oreo. She is nice & stocky with the classic French Bulldog body and loving nature about her. She keeps a smile on her face & we love that about her. Oreo is our outside girl, loves adventure and craves attention. When they say Frenchies are clown dogs they are talking about our girl Oreo. Oreo was born on 12/4/13 so she will have her FIRST birthday next month. We are keeping several puppies so sadly we have to retire some of our females. We wanted Oreo to go to a family as a pet and not to a breeder so we have already had her spayed for her new family. Oreo is doggie door trained and knows to go outside. She come with AKC papers and is up to date on all of her shots and ready to go. Oreo is on the small side at about 20 lbs so she should be able to travel wherever her new family wants to go.

The fun thing about getting a one year old is that they are out of the puppy stage and you already know what they look like as an adult.


If you are interested in Oreo please fill out adoption information online or text/call Kay at 859-582-3315. We interview our families that get our adults the same that we do for our puppies. We want her to go to a quality loving home.


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