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Kit is available for $3950

Kit is an exquisite fawn female with black mask. She is a rare beauty with a nice cobby body and big bat ears. Her birthday is 10/26/10 so she just turned 4. She is on the smaller end and weighs about 21 lbs. Kit is all around the perfect Frenchie. But then again we strive to breed the best of the best & to continue to improve the French bulldog breed. Kit is a bit spoiled by our daughters, they play and act silly clowning around together. Kit loves to play hide and seek. It is so funny to watch. If beautiful, playful and sweet is what you want in a Frenchie then one she is just what you are looking for. We are retiring Kit and want her to go to a loving home so no breeding rights will be given. This keeps breeders from calling wanting one of our Frenchies.


If you are interested in Kit please fill out adoption information online or text/call Kay at 859-582-3315. We interview our families that get our adults the same that we do for our puppies. We want her to go to a quality loving home.


Love is available for $5000.

Lovie is our chunky little cream princess. When she was little Carrie would dress her up and push her around the house in her baby buggy. Lovie is great with Children and other pets. She is calm and laid back. She has a nice head, stocky build and conformation. She is a stocky but small Frenchie and weighs just 17 lbs. I think that her best quality is her temperament. She is so loving and gentle, a natural born lover. She is the typical Frenchie girl with that great Frenchie smile.

Lovie's birthday is July 5, 2013 so she is just a 1 year old. Past the puppy stage, house trained and crate trained. Total lap puppy. The best thing about getting a one year old beside the above is that you know for sure what they look like full gorwn and this girl is a beauty!


If you are interested in adopting LOvie please fill out adoption profile and questionnaire. Also please feel free to email call or text Kay at 859-582-3315.


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