Thanksgiving WARNING

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our French bulldog families,

We'd like to wish all of our BlueGrass Families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. We hope everyone enjoys time with family, a great meal and a nice nap!

We also wanted to pass along some good advise from one of our favorite trainers...

Do you know what to do if your French bulldog is choking? Turkey bones are a big choking hazard for dogs among many other things. This time of the year there are many choking accidents involving dogs and turkey bones. Many times the dog found the little bone in the garbage or on the floor where it fell after carving...

This is a great time to familiar yourself with the Heimlich Maneuver - it could save your French bulldog's life.

I recently heard from a past client who saved their French bulldog's life by performing the Heimlich Maneuver. We hope we never have to use it but incase we do - it is important to know what do do.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for a French bulldog to choke because they swallow things they shouldn't, like toys and bones. If your French bulldog is choking, he will start coughing forcefully, bulge his eyes and paw at his mouth.

In order to save your French bulldog's life, there are several things to do:

First, open your French bulldog's mouth and look for the object. Place one hand on the upper jaw with your thumb on one side and the rest of your finders on the other side.

With your other hand, push down on the lower jaw, keeping your index finger free to sweep back into the mouth.

If you can see the object, remove it.

If there are two of you one of you should hold your French bulldog's mouth open and the

other look inside.

If that doesn't work, and your Frenchie is small, hold him upside down with his tail toward your face. Place your arms around his lower abdomen for 30 seconds while gently swaying him.

If that doesn't work, place your French bulldog on his side on a hard surface, tilted with his head down and hindquarters up. If you can grab a pillow or rolled towel, put it under his hindquarters just make sure the front part of his body is lower than his back.

* With a small French bulldog, place one hand on his back to steady him and the other under the center of the rib cage. Press in and up four to five times in a thrusting motion.

* With a large French bulldog, you'll need both hands for the trust, so place both hands beneath the rib cage, Press in and up four or five times.

If you don't have time to place your French bulldog on his side, you can stand or kneel behind your Frenchie. Grasp his body at the bottom of his rib cage. Grasp his body at the bottom of his rib cage. Apply firm, quick pressure. Repeat two to five times.

Keep in mind that once your French bulldog stops choking, he may want to bite you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Anna K Bolick, Trainer

Click on list of other Thanksgivng Hazards that can kill your Frenchie below. Just wanting to keep our families safe and informed!


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