Frenchies Love a Ride in the Car!

The wind in my fur and the sun on my back, yup I feel good. there is nothing like a car ride to make a Frenchies day. As I'm sure all of our families know our French bulldogs want to be wherever the family is.

They love to travel. All you have to say is go and they are 2 steps, leaps, ahead of you. The only time you'll see a French bulldog move faster is when they see food.

Picture 1: Ziggy love riding in style. He was one of our frist French bulldogs so he is almost like the TOP DOG. Well, if you aok him he will tell you that for sure he IS the TOP DOG. Don't they all think that they are? Ziggy will be 8 this month.

Picture 2: Max, is riding in style don't you think? I've never thought of this but whatever works. Max will be 2 this month.

Picture 3: Georgia Ann, well this girl is actually going to be 6 this month so this car ride is a bit of a Flashback but thought her family would really enjoy it!


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