Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday our dear Frenchies...Happy Birthday to you!

I do my best to make sure and send out Hugs, Kisses and Birthday Wishes to our Frenchie families that take the time and care enough to stay in touch with us over the years.

Some months I fall short of doing that, please forgive me. If I do forget your birthday please let me know. AND by all measn if you have a birthday celebration picture PLEASE send it to me. Getting emailed updates and pictures just MAKE MY DAY!

May your Birthday aand every day in 2014 be full of wags and wishes come true! All our best~ Kay & family

PICTURE 1: Elvis and Lucy

PICTURE 2: Abby & Rex

PICTURE 3: Buffy- We felt bad and actually forgot Buffy's 3rd birthday until your birthday note and treat came in the mail yesterday. So, we celebrated by spreading peanut butter on her treat with a candle. Thanks for the reminder!



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