First I'd like to say that ALL the pictures on our website are BlueGrass Frenchies and our offspring. We hope that you enjoy all of the pictures as you are reading through the content on this page. We thought the pictures would make the reading more fun!

About us...We don't just breed French Bulldogs our Frenchies are our furry family. Talk to anyone who has one of our French bulldogs and they will tell you that the extra time, love and care we put into hand-raising our French bulldogs is "priceless". If you are looking for cheap you are not looking for quality. We hope that as you read through this page you will see that we know Frenchies AND we care enough that we want our new families to be well informed too.

We are very hands on with our French bulldogs from the time they are born until they are in your loving arms! French Bulldogs may look tough on the outside, but inside they are lovable, soft, caring and easygoing. These dogs spread the good vibes wherever they go. Outgoing and open, they love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch, romp on the carpet or play in the yard. Boasting unlimited energy, they sometimes have no idea when (or how) to stop their motors. But, with a French bulldog, things never get out of hand. They rarely lose their cool, snap or bark. They simply want to roll around and play.

All of our French bulldogs are bred on our 60 acre farm. We are dedicated to raising quality French bulldogs for both pet and show homes. We DO NOT sell our French bulldogs to pet stores, puppy mills or other breeders unless they go through our extensive breeder interviewing process. We don't import any puppies to resell. All of our puppies are really our puppies. Our daughter's, when they can be, are right there in the delivery room with us helping with the mom's C-section. Then once we get our babies home we take turns sitting with mom and newborns to make sure they are all getting the attention that they need. Raising our French bulldogs is a total family endeavor.

We also have a full time "Puppy Nanny" that comes to our house and stays all day while we are at work. We spare no expense making sure our French bulldogs have the VERY best care! We don't just stop here either. We want your puppy to leave us with the BEST that we can provide for you and your puppy. So, ALL of our puppies come with an AKC Complete Puppy Protection Package.

The AKC Puppy Protection Package includes:

* AKC Registration for your puppy

* AKC puppy Pedigree if requested

* AKC 60-Day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan

* IF you want your puppy micro chipped. Lifetime enrollment in AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) pet recovery service

* AKC Family Dog Magazine- 1 year subscription

* AKC New Puppy Handbook

* Lifetime Behavioral support thru AKC GoodDog Helpline

* Complimentary first office visit at a veterinary practice listed with the AKC Veterinary Network

We like to include a little "fun and comfort" as well so we provide you with your puppy's first AKC Reggie box. You can see a sample Reggie box pictured below. If you want to continue to receive a monthly Reggie box and enter our email then we get a FREE box to share with your puppies Mom and Dad. Let me tell you they too LOVE getting these.


The Reggie box includes:

* A soft puppy receiving blanket

* Beginner treats

* A toy or two

** We ADD to that Nose Butter from the Blissful Dog.

You can read more about the Blissful dog on their website. Owner and developer Kathy was once a French bulldog breeder and she remains very loyal the to the breed. As you can see we want our Frenchies to be Happy, Healthy, Social & Friendly. We breed for HEALTH first followed closely by conformation and temperament. That is our goal and we hear from our families we have been very successful at providing that. Don't just take our word for this though, read our referral page or click on the link at the bottom of the page and join us on Facebook. We want you to feel 100% comfortable getting your French bulldog from us.

We offer you the best:

* A waiting list for families that want to have FIRST priority

* Our contract online for you to be able to preview before making any kind of payment

* 1 year health guarentee on all of our puppies

* Vet check up and Health Certificate

* Complete shot and deworming records

* One-on-One puppy training

* Hand delivery service

* Travel crate if needed

* Best of all...Care and Support for Life

We call our process of purchasing a French bulldog from us an adoption process because you aren't just adding a puppy to your home you are adding a new family member and COMPANION for life. We don't want to just sell you a puppy and never hear from you again. We want to stay in touch and hear stories and see pictures for years to come. As a thank you to our families that DO take the time to stay in touch with us we like to send out:

* A birthday treat for your Frenchie each year

* A BlueGrass calendar each year featuring our BlueGrass offspring

That old saying you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to this breed. We thought it was neat that when Pets4you was looking for a slew of French bulldog pictures to represent the French bulldog breed standard the slide show where they describe French bulldogs are ALL 100% our Frenchies. Take a look around our website and see all of our Amazing French bulldogs. I think you will also see how much our Bluegrass families care about us and how much we care about them. We sure hope that it SHINES through!

Watch out for SCAMMERS & Thieves...

BEWARE of the Scammers: We've been seeing lots of pictures on the internet with our French bulldogs listed for sale by others. A lot of people are copying our pictures onto their computer and advertising them as their own dogs. These scammers are hoping you'll send them your money. They actual don't have anything to sell except some stolen pictures and empty promises. Please make sure you know where you're buying your French bulldog from. You should be able to reach the seller by email and more importantly by phone. Make sure they have a website and references that you can contact, not just pictures and a write up.

There is a BIG difference between AKC and FCI dogs. Just look at the FCI ads (most import dogs are FCI), their legs, necks, and bodies are so long they almost look like Boston Terriers. I've seen some of the imports weighing over 30 lbs. Please visit www.thewrongpuppy.org before buying an cheap import French bulldog. Keep in mind that if the puppy seems cheap or too good to be true...it probably is. The above website is very graphic and will tell you all about importers and their puppies.

PROVEN SCAMMERS~ Sadly we get calls, texts and emails weekly about people finding that scammers are using our puppy pictures to try to scam people out of their money.

I will continue to update this list as families report scammers to us that have stolen our pictures. We will also report scammers and false emails trying to link others to our website. We will report to anyone that will listen. We know that there and tons of scamming websites but these are the ones that we have had reported to us. If you know of a site that is using our pictures and puppies to scam others please let us know!







Keith Johnson


peter charles

If you buy a pup "born naturally" keep in mind the French bulldog Dam is going to be a bit on the larger size with longer legs and body - this is the only way they can be born naturally. We have short stocky French bulldogs that require c-sections for the safety of the mom and her puppies. Remember puppies may look cute and adorable the first few weeks. You want to see some idea of what they will look like as adults. Make sure you know what you are buying.

THINK IT THOROUGH~ You can call us by phone (9am to 9pm EST) or e-mail us 24/7. We give you our daytime business phone number 9-5pm M-F 859-353-8138. This business has been established for over 20 years. Plus we give you our two personal cell phone numbers: Kay's for our French bulldogs 859-582-3315 or Gary's for stud service questions 859-582-1357.

We offer you our user friendly website which is updated every day and new pictures are posted weekly. We can give you a ton of references. Including the AKC at 1-919-233-9767. Our last inspection is available for you to view from the link on our home page. We've passed every inspection. You can call AKC to verify this. You can also call AKC to check the status of any breeder with AKC registered dogs. They will be happy to help you out.

You need to be able to do all of these things:

* See pictures of both parents

* See pictures of the puppy you will be getting

* Make sure you can send payment to a permenant address and NOT a PO box!!!

* Contact references

* Have more than one contact number

* Have a 1 year health guarentee in writing and be able to read it first before placing a deposit on a puppy

* Contact AKC to ensure the breeder is in good standing

* Reputable breeders will most often have a waiting list.

* Make sure the breeder will allow you several payment options. If they refuse to take anything other than a wire transfer into their account or western union BEWARE!

In the beginning when we starting buying our first French bulldogs we passed on several that LOOKED GOOD. One time the breeder let us use our credit card for the deposit but then insisted on a wire transfer into their account for the balance. Another time they said they didn't have any pictures they could show me of the mom even though they advertised that they owned and hand raised both parents from puppies plus the mom was 3 years old. Really? Who doesn't have pictures of a French bulldog they have had for 3 years. I could go on and on but you get the picture.


Protect Your Pet: We recommend microchipping and offer this before your French bulldog comes out to you. We've been hearing a lot in the news lately about people stealing Frenchies. We even had one of our BlueGrass Frenchies Butters stolen right out of the families backyard in New York. They we able to show ownership of puppy "Butters" with their AKC papers. BUT the microchip & paperwork was even more valuable because the chip was between their puppies shoulder blades and they were the registered owners with AVID microchip service.

We have all of our adult French bulldogs microchipped. With this new outbreak we want everyone to know that we think that microchipping your pet is a good investment & a help in recovery if your pet is lost or stolen. We've decided to offer microchipping services before we send your puppy off to you. If you are interest in this please just let us know!

Registration with AKC pet recovery is FREE with our AKC puppy Protection Package that we give to all of our puppy families.


Picture 1: This is a text message I got...just one of many texts I get about scammers. These Scammers were using our pictures of our Frenchie Simon now owned by the Huffman family. I'm glad the family that looked at him on the false website didn't get scammed!

Picture 2: This is one of a few emails I got from Lisa who wanted to know how I could sell our puppies in 2 places. One for $4000 and one for $300. I let her know that our pictures of Charlie were clearly stolen. The scammers were talking people out of their money and had him listed for $300 with shipping. They were saying he was a female named Lily. I'm really thankful that more and more people realize it is a scam and send us a warning. I have to say that it burns me up that they would use pictures of our daughter Carrie in their scams! This puppy is not a Lily BUT our little male Charlie who now lives with his owner Matt who is a veterinarian in NY.

Picture 3: Reply email I got from Jennifer, and FBI agent, that has one of our retired adults Lucy. I reached out to her for ideas of what to do when the internet scamming turned to a whole website with our French bulldogs and pictures of our daughters being used. It was like the scammers copied the whole puppy page and our adult pictures, renamed all of them and renamed the website but used all of our same layout "word for word" even using our daughter names. As you can imagine I was livid. I didn't really get good news...I was told this is really petty crime and I could spend all of my time fighting one website for them to be shut down and then turn around and open up a new one with different web address and new email. When people call me and text me I make the report and try and have them removed. However keep in mind most of this type of fraud in done from overseas and VERY difficult to trace and convict.

Picture 4: Small part of fake website that was using a part of our website to scam buyers. PLEASE let us know if you find any of our Frenchie's pictures being used elsewhere. We only have this one original website no others. Notice the EMAIL address they are using...it's not ours.

Striving to be the Best!

We are "family based" and that is our main focus! We are a small-time hobby kennel dedicated to breeding First-Rate French bulldogs. All we raise are French Bulldogs. We specialize in the short stocky build with the nice boxy heads. The look of our French bulldogs is our trademark appearance. We have our families tell us that we have some of the most beautiful French bulldogs that you will find.

Our Kennel: We are licensed in the state of Kentucky and inspected through the American Kennel club. Inspections can be performed anytime, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks out of the year. This doesn't bother us because we are always ready. Only breeders that are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club are given a Certificate of Inspection. The AKC inspector looks for our French bulldogs to be true representations of the breed, to be healthy and well socialized. We always pass our inspections with flying colors. Being that I am a retired school teacher, I like that.

We also do things a little differently than most kennels. Our French bulldogs are family. We spare no expense in giving our Frenchies the best quality of life. They live in a climate controlled, heated and air conditioned kennel (our daughters call them apartments). Our kennel is fully insulated with the highest grade just like our home. We have air purifiers for better air quality and hot water for those cold winter days. We have cameras throughout the kennel so we can keep an eye on our French bulldogs all of the time. Our French bulldogs eat nothing but the best food available. Our adults eat Eukanuba adult dog food. Our puppies all eat Eukanuba small breed puppy food. It really is a cageless experience as we let our dogs play in their 150' X 150' playground which also contains a kiddy pool in the summer. (Can't be too deep French bulldogs can't swim.)

Our French bulldogs each have their own little play buddy they play with & they love it and the socialization is very important! Having this freedom to run and play is part of what makes house training our Frenchies easier. Our kennel is meticulously maintained and bleached down weekly to keep their living environment sterile and clean.

You'll notice that we are one of the few kennels that will actually show you pictures of their kennel inside and out. Look at the inside picture and you'll notice how neat and clean the kennel is, vinyl flooring, (no wood or dirt floors), ceiling fans, plenty of lighting, sink, refrigerator, & heat/AC unit. All of this with the freedom to come and go really makes for a very social living environment. Kay's father is a retired veterinarian and he recommend we double the standard requirements so we did. Having freedom to play is what helps make our French bulldogs such happy, laid back and well tempered!

Our Frenchies: High Quality that is another one of our goals. We keep & breed only the best quality French bulldogs. You'll notice that we always post pictures of the sire and dam along with the puppy pictures. This is done so you'll see BOTH of the puppies parents. Many breeders won't post the adult pictures because they are worried you'll see what the puppies might look like as adults (or even worse they don't have one or either of the parents and are just puppy brokers).

Many websites even use props like jewels and boas to make their French bulldog puppy pictures cuter to potential buyers. We just like to have the kids and the puppies, as they are a natural combination! We keep our stud dogs pictures posted at all times. We post three pictures of each of them all at different angles. All of our dogs are AKC Registered. We ONLY use the APRI certificate because the print shows all of our studs AKC champions in RED INK . This really helps potential families in reading our stud pedigrees & easily seeing all of the AKC champions each of our French bulldog studs have. All of our males have been DNA tested with AKC, and have a 5 generation pedigree.

Our Planned Breedings: Being a reputable breeder with high quality French bulldogs takes extra time and effort but we find it rewarding knowing we are breeding our French bulldogs the right way. All of our breedings are carefully considered to provide quality French bulldog puppies. Our females are only bred once a year if that. All our puppies are born by C-section. This is because the Dam is too short and cobby to allow pups to pass through naturally so it can be harmful to the mom and her puppies to let her try and deliver on her own. We want the very best for our French bulldogs and I'm sure that is just what you are looking for too, the BEST French bulldog puppies that you will find anywhere. The fact that we take our time and give our French bulldogs the best is more expensive but we feel that a happy healthy mom is the best kind of mom to have. I've said this before but it is worth saying again IF you are looking for cheap you ARE NOT looking for quality!

Here is what I'll be up to after I am born...

Week 1: I am resting, eating and relaxing with Mom. What more could a newborn ask for? All WARM and CUDDLED with my mom. My BlueGrass family lets me stay with my mom 24/7 in our nursery that they set up just for me and my mommy. I hear my human mom say it is BEST for me and I have to agree.

Week 2: I'm still moving on my belly but my EYES are beginning to open! There are lots of cool things to see. My mom does a great job keeping me all clean and looking good. Please make sure you have filled out contract and faxed 859-353-8134 or emailed it to Kay@bluegrassfrenchies.com

Week 3: My eyes are all the way open now. I am getting de-wormed for the 1st time. My 1st photo shoot happens by this week. My nose will normally turn to black by this time. Carrie will be giving me my first sponge bath as I am a bit more for mom to keep up but I think she is still amazing and she licks on me all the time. Carrie just likes to keep me super clean for lots of KISSES!

Week 4: I'm now on the move a bit more. You can see me getting up on my legs more now. FUN, FUN, FUN! We begin puppy play group this week. Helps me with learning social aspects with my human family but I just think it is fun! This is optional but Most families will send a puppy blanket, pillow case or t-shirt with the "new adopted owners scent on it". This will help me get use to you before we meet. Something you have slept with or a t-shirt you have worked out in works well too. Be sure to send the item to Kay in a zip-lock bag. It locks in the freshness, haha, this will really helps my bond with you happen even faster! It is best to send something you don't care to have back. You can include a collar (think the smaller the better) or a little toy if you want. Even tho I'm spoiled here it is fun to have something from my new family.

Week 5: Here goes getting my 2nd de-worming. Christina, Carrie & Kay are doing lots of playing and socializing with me right now. We go outside if it is nice and I love it! I am getting my baby teeth in and Mom will begin weaning me soon so we have extra human playtime. Families that have signed their puppies up for the extra daily one-on-one training will begin this week if they have requested it.

Week 6: I'm old enough to get my 1st round of puppy shots. Don't worry I won't even whimper. I also get my 1st REAL BATH this week. Don't forget Kay says the original, hand signed contracts and full payment are due for me this week. I'm getting excited & hope that you are too!

Week 7: Getting de-wormed for the 3rd time. Gary said this is Important, don't tell him but I think it tastes good. I should be fully WEANED now and slowly working on going from mush to solid food. I will be a VIDEO STAR sometime this week and the last set of pictures are taken. When you see me next it will be in person. YAY!

Week 8: I should be just about ready for my new home. Have you read all of this "about us" page? Are you ready for me? Have you PUPPY PROOFED the house? Is my bed and play area all ready? I hope you are as excited as I am. I'm really on the move now and ready to play, play, play!

Week 9: LOOK OUT HERE I COME!!! I'll get my 9 week shot and I'll be ready to roll. Puppies can come out to new families that will be coming here to pick up or we will be hand delivering. If you are one of these families and you are wanting to get me after 9 weeks you'll need to talk to Kay. I can stay with my Bluegrass family longer if needed but please check with them if more time is needed before you are ready for me. I love them and know that they are in no hurry for me to go but I'm also excited about bonding with my new family too.

Please also keep in mind that my Bluegrass Family may decide at "any time" that I need to stay with my Mom a little longer. I might not weigh enough or might need a little more time before I am on solid food instead of mush. Well, what can I say? Mush is good. So please make note that if you are booking a flight & or hotel you may want to book for 10 weeks just to be on the safe side!

I am looking forward to meeting you! PLEASE let Kay know if you need anything else before I get there.

My full shot record will come with my AKC papers and other goodies in my puppy kit when you get me. See you soon!!!

As always, please call/text Kay on her cell anytime you might have questions. 859-582-3315 or email at kay@bluegrassfrenchies.com

If texting please include your name with the text.

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.
Are you wanting First Priority?

In order to better serve our valued clients and friends we offer a paid waiting list. Anyone wishing to adopt one of our future puppies can conveniently get on our paid waiting list with a $500 deposit (VISA, MASTERCARD AND DISCOVER CARDS ONLY). We take great pride in our French bulldogs and many families know for sure that we are the right place for them to get their new "furry" family member from.

We have been breeding French Bulldogs for almost 10 years. We learned quickly that we want to ONLY sell our French bulldogs to homes that are going to give them the lifetime companionship that they deserve.

We ask families that are interested in placing a deposit on one of French bulldogs or are wanting to get on our waiting list for a future Frenchie to please read this whole page before filling out our adoption profile and questionnaire & placing your deposit.

There are several advantages to going on our waiting list:

1. Locked in prices (if we go up your price doesn't)

2. Personal email notification on every litter born

3. First Priority to choose your puppy for 2 weeks prior to the puppies being placed for adoption. We want their little eyes to be open for you.

4. The deposit comes off of your purchase price.

5. Our eye-catching French bulldogs go quickly.

The deposit to be place on our waiting list is nonrefundable so that we may only focus on those families that are really interested in getting one of our puppies, but as stated above the deposit comes off of the purchase price of your puppy. For the convience of our families we take checks or credit cards for the deposit & several forms of final payment.

Once you are on our waiting list you can let us know the sex and color that you are looking for or if you are open. You may also pick the stud dog you want a puppy from. Once payment has been received we'll email you a confirmation and our welcome letter. With each litter of puppies we will notify all of the families on our waiting list regardless of what sex/color they put down that they were interested in. As, you might predict often families change their mind once they see the puppies that we have. We start at the top of the list and work out way down until we have touched base with every family. We will begin placing our puppies at 2 weeks if a family has decided that they are ready.

We try to make getting your French bulldog puppy a very simple & easy process. Depending on the time of year we may have up to 25 names on our waiting list so don't wait if you are sure you are wanting one of our little ones. Some of our families on the waiting list will get on the list 6 months before they are wanting to bring their new little one home...not that they'd have to wait that long. Our average wait time to get a puppy is 4 months depending on the sex and color that you are looking for. Obviously, very specific puppies will generally take a little longer to become available.

Families on our waiting list always have first choice on all of our puppies that are born until the puppies are 2 weeks of age, so you have 2 full weeks of Priority and time to decide. If you are looking for a cream female and there are 3 in one litter you will not have to make your pick until the puppies are 3 weeks of age. That gives you several sets of weekly pictures to help you decide.

We always do our best to match our puppies to the conformation & personality that families are looking. The best judge on your puppy during this early stage is by looking at the parents. Please note that we do not charge any extra for show quality or breeding rights so we do not guarantee that your Frenchie will be of show quality or that he/her will be breedable. Our main focus is to provide families with a quality French bulldog not a breeder or a trophy. Getting a quality French bulldogs is just one of the reasons we feel it is so important to be able to see pictures of both parents. We always keep 3 pictures of our studs on our stud dog page. When we post our female on our Planned Breeding page we always post 3 different pictures of the expecting mother. Once we move our new mom over to the puppy page with her little ones we post one picture of her and focus more on the puppy pictures, but please feel free to ask us to show you more pictures of mom if you'd like and we'd be more than happy to. I drives me crazy when people tell me they don't have any pictures of their 3 year old Frenchie. Really? I have 100's of my French bulldogs. Ask me, I'm happy to share with you. Or better yet look around our website!

If during our initial questionnaire or at any time during the adoption process we feel that your home environment would be unhealthy or unfit we will not place our French bulldog with you. This goes for our adults as well as our puppies.We ask questions to research & get to know our BlueGrass families so if you are a puppy broker or puppy mill please do not even fill out the adoption application. Just as we hope that you are looking for a loving Quality breeder we are looking for loving Quality families to place our Frenchies with. We reserve the right to refuse to place one of our French bulldogs in any home we feel would not be a good fit. Please make sure that you are wanting a French bulldog as a part of your family and understand that this is a longterm commitment.

If you back out or change your mind at anytime during this process no refunds of money paid will be given. Adding a new "furry" family member shouldn't be a spur of the moment decision. IF for any reason we decide not to place our French bulldog with you we will refund your deposit if one has been made.

We are sure that you are looking for the Best and so are we. We truely care about the family and environment that our French bulldogs are placed in. French bulldogs enjoy human companionship and don't thrive if left alone for long periods of time. We hope that you understand and support the importance of this.


Once your puppy is 6 weeks old they are ready for and really thrive with additional puppy training. We spend lots of time with our puppies from day one getting them ready for their new families. Often families want us to keep their puppy for a few addition weeks for one reason or the other. We also keep our puppies longer if families are wanting us to ship them and the flight will be longer than 6 hours.

After 6 weeks of age if families want us to the girls or Ryan will begin extra training classes with your puppy.

The additional one-on-one time with the girls is $50 a week and includes but isn't limited to:

One-on-one time with Christina or Carrie for at least 20 minutes every day.

We will work on the follow skills:

*Recognizing their name

*Coming when called

*Crate Training

*House Training


We use the positive reward system of training and never try and force them into doing something when they don't know what you want them to do.

Does this mean that they will be completely house trained or crate trained before they come home to you? No, but it does mean they will have the very best foundation possible. Some families have told us that they can tell that the girls really put a lot into the training. They love the crate (this isn't always the case though) or that they house broke so easily. Please don't take this to mean you won't have any of the normal puppy training when your puppy comes to you. We are just setting a foundation here for you to continue with at home!

Since we take our last set of pictures at 6 weeks lots of families like that the girls take iphone pictures and videos of your French bulldog and will text them to families each week during training if they can receive these on their phone.

Our goal in offering this extra service is to be able to give your puppy even more of the environment of being the only one once they are with you!

If you have any additional questions about our extra puppy training service or our extended stay please just let me know.

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.
Getting your French bulldog is Easy...

We have lots of different ways for you to get your Frenchie. Just let us know know which way works best for you.

H A N D - D E L I V E R Y: If you can't come to us we can come to you. We will happily fly or drive to bring your puppy directly to you. We love to travel and will often stay for a day or two in your area. We just think of the delivery as a part of our Frenchie Adventures. Let us know if you want more information on this service. Kay is limited to the days that she can travel so book this in advance to best meet your family's needs. We ask families to try and get on our calendar a month in advance.

P I C K I N G - U P: You can come here and pick up your puppy. We are happy for you to do that and we love getting to meet our families face to face. We have some families that will fly in and others that will drive here. Our days are very flexible if you are coming "all the way to us" in Richmond on a Monday through Friday. If flying in the best airport for us to meet you is the Lexington BlueGrass airport (code LEX, Free delivery). You can also fly into the Louisville airport (code SDF, $150 delivery fee) or the Cincinnati/Northern KY airport (code CVG, $250 delivery fee). We ask that you check with us before booking your flight and arangements are made. We like to book these with a months notice but can often work families in with a 2 week notice. We can only meet at the airport on Wednesdays and weekends. If driving here we are really flexable to the day and time you want to come. Also be sure to book pick up date with us as far in advance as possible so we can make arrangements with our work/kids schedules as well. *If flying in make sure you check with airline for correct size carrier. Bring small bag of food, travel water bowl and clean up supplies. We have a package we offer for travel supplies. Just give us a weeks notice and we can pull a travel kit together for you. The complete travel kit is $179.

M E E T I N G: Some families like the option of meeting in the middle. We will happily meet you outside of Kentucky a bit closer to home. This will also save you from having to pay KY sales tax. Just let us know that this will work best for you and we will send you more information on this service and set a place and time to meet up. We only drive to meet on the weekends so you can imagine these fill up fast. If this is the option you are wanting please try and make arrangements with us as soon as you choose your Frenchie. A months notice helps but we can normally work something out with a 2 weeks notice.

S H I P P I N G: We DO NOT ship our puppies via cargo. We do have hand delivery options that are very close to shipping prices! Please know that the health and safety of our Frenchies is and will always be our first concern. Also please keep in mind if you hire a common carrier puppy delivery service (even on we might recommend) we can ONLY meet them at the LEX airport on a Monday-Wednesday and require 2 weeks notice. Please also keep in mind that you are hiring them. We don't work for them and they don't work for us. They are working for you. They only touch base with us to try and work out flights and meeting us once they have cleared the travel arrangements through you!


Start out with a positive attitude...

The first weeks of your new puppy's life with you will be busy and demanding. There may be times when you wonder...What was I thinking? Things will go better if you have patience and keep your sense of humor. Remember that puppyhood only happens once. The extra effort you put into it now will pay off in the future. Remember we are here if you need us.


What you'll need:

* Wire or plastic dog crate. A 24"x30" or 24"x36" are a good size/

* Easily washable, hard-to-destroy bedding material, imitation sheepskin works well. Leave an area that your puppy can go to if they get too hot.

* Cermanic or hard plastic, tip-proof food & water dishes work best. Large enough for their head but small enough they can't put their front paws in it while eating. Stainless steel can cause "tear stains".

* Buckle puppy harness/collar & lead. I like the soft harness types. You might want to look at the "Puppia Harness" you can find them on line. I love them and have owners that love them too! **We suggest just getting a small 6"-12" inch size puppy collar and then measuring for a good puppia harness once you have your little one at home. The size harness they will need will be either an XS or a S (with Puppia brand) at first if you want to buy both and take the one you don't use back.

* ID Tag with your phone number to wear on the collar/ harness. If you buy a harness you don't need a collar.

* Only buy high quality & safe chew toys: Puppy Approved Toys, or bones and sturdy stuffed squeak toys. We don't recommend nylabones as our beloved Lucy choked and died on a piece of one. Be very careful with what you give your little one and beware that their teeth are very sharp! Monitor or check often to make sure your puppy has not bitten through something or has destroyed it and is able to get pieces he or she could choke on. Check for damage to the toys/chew things often.

* grooming supplies; brush, nail clippers, shampoo (we use Hartz puppy shampoo), Tooth brush, gently brush teeth and the gum line at the bas eof the teeth once daily to help prevent tarter and gum disease.

* A quality brand of dry puppy food. We use Victor "all stages" food, Ocean Fish Formula. So, if you change foods be sure to do so gradually. We have never had any food allergies with our French bulldogs and we happen to love the Eukanuba but if you want to switch to something you feel will be better do this slowly over a few weeks time.

* "Bitter Apple", a safe spray-on product to discourage chewing on inappropriate objects.

* A wire, wooden or plastic "baby gate" for blocking doorways/steps. Depending on your house size and layout you may need several of these baby gates.

* A good book on puppy care & training. Read through before bringing your puppy home. My personal favorite is Dog Training for Dummies by Jack & Wendy Volhard

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.

The French Bulldog...

Though the French Bulldog's ancestry is still hotly debated, most dog experts agree that a throng of toy-sized English bulldogs were sent to France during the 19th century to mix with various French breeds and create the Boule-Dog Francais. The goal was to create a lap dog. Even back then, opinions differed on which features resulted in a true French Bulldog. The Americans stepped in, forming the first French Bulldog club in 1897. In 1898 the first French bulldog Specialty show was held at the Waldorf-Astoria & catapulted these dogs to stardom.

French Bulldogs love to be the center of attention. A clown if you will. Training can be easy if you make it fun. It has always been our experience that the bully breeds are intelligent, but very stubborn. Playtime is probably a Frenchie's favorite activity. It is very important to begin socializing your French Bulldog from a very early age. They should be exposed to different people of all ages, including children and the neighbor's pets. Always keep a close eye when around children or other animals, not only for their protection, for your frenchies safety as well. If this socialization isn't done correctly and often then a French Bulldog might just think they are a person and have nothing to do with other pets.

Frenchies are great for apartments and city life, French Bulldogs can deal with confined spaces and known to turn on the charm with new people. They can be protective, however, and will bark ferociously if an intruder drops by for a visit. However, once your guests are within site your Frenchie may decide to lick them to death instead or beg nonstop for pets and attention.

One of the things many families love about the breed is that they require very little grooming, exercise, and overall maintenance. They are very active in play and enjoy going out for a walk. They also enjoy a nap on your lap just as much. They love being part of the family. Somewhat of a "velcro" dog. So, if you plan to leave your Frenchie at home for hours on end this isn't the breed for you. We require that all of our BlueGrass families be willing to give our Frenchies the very best. This includes time, attention and care! Naturally, we also ask that they stay in touch with us. For how long? I know this answer isn't common but FOREVER! Once you have one of our Frenchies you ARE FAMILY.

Things You Should Know:

French Bulldogs are pleasant and sociable companions with few faults. The worst you might say about them is that they snore, and you can quickly get used to that. As adaptable and low-maintenance as they are, keep in mind that French Bulldogs should not be left alone in the house for too long. They are people-oriented dogs that crave attention and interaction. Forgive me for repeating myself but I don't think I can say this enough.

A healthy French Bulldog can live as long as 12 years. Common health issues include eye problems and breathing problems that result from overeating. Feeding them smaller meals is a good practice. Also bear in mind that Frenchies are sensitive to extreme temperatures, preferring cooler climates to hot ones. If they spend too much time playing in the sun, they can suffer from heatstroke. You can read more information on this under Responsible Breeding & Informed Families.

Responsible Breeders inform their Families


A puppy requires a high quality diet specifically formulated for growth. In general, feed puppies an amount they can comfortably consume within 5-10 minutes. Feed three times a day until your French bulldogs is 6 months of age. As they continue to grow, feed twice a day up to adulthood. Then gradually switch them to an adult ration.



French bulldogs can have allergies which are an abnormal immune reaction by the body to everyday substances. These substances, called allergens, can be pollen molds, house dust, hair, wool carpet or clothing, feathers, insects (fleas), food and chemicals. Special skin tests may be required to determine the type of dermatitis present. Proper diagnosis is important for proper treatment.

Allergies can occur at any age. The common signs of allergy are: continuous licking and chewing of the foot, rubbing the face, trying to rub the ears (inflammation of the ear), and watery eyes.

The four major categories of allergy are flea allergy, airborne allergy, food allergy, and contact allergy. Allergies are not covered under the one year health guarantee.


Ear cleaning & Tear stains:

A French bulldog's ear canals are longer than ours and typically produce more wax. They tend to get infected more often. To reduce the chance of ear infection beginning clean them on a regular basis with the cleansing agent prescribed by the vet.

Warning: Do not use Q-Tips in the canal as you may pack debris into the canal and damage the ear drum. Q-Tips may be used to clean the folds of the ear flap.

Please see picture below for great formula for tear stain removal.



French Bulldogs need room for growing, particularly the hips and their articulations.

Things to Avoid with this breed especially while the French bulldog is young: forced jumping exercises, stairs, jumping up/down on beds or furniture because vertical movements can give increased pressure on the surfaces of the cartilage of the articulations and consecutively hypersecretion of articular fluid and damage of the intra-articular cartilage. Swollen and painful articulations could follow, with deformation of the position of the legs. French Bulldogs may be considered as young, until they are around 18 months. However, we recommend you teach your Frenchie not to take several steps at a time or even better gate steps if they show that they love to jump. Also if you want to have your French bulldog to join you on furniture or sleep with you teach them to use steps to get up and down. We do this just as a precaution. It is always better to be safe than sorry if your baby tears or blows a hip or joint due to excessive pressure.



French bulldogs are very sensitive to overheating. Never leave them alone in a car. Avoid exercise during the hot summer period. If you wouldn't walk outside barefooted on the pavement then it is too hot.If your dog shows signs of overheating, wipe him with wet, fresh towels, fan him and give him some fresh water.


Genetic disease predisposition:

Luxating Patella, Stenotic nares, hernias, Elongated soft palate, hip dysplasia, Hemivertibrae, vertebrae are just a few things that plague our precious breed. Being a Brady Cephalic breed, we have to stay cooled because of that short face. The French bulldog, does not do well as a "yard only" dog, they will quickly over heat and could have a heat stroke. ________________________________________


In general, most of the French bulldogs hips are fine. Bitches, X-rayed in order to see how many puppies, show small opening of the pelvic ring, which means that there is not room enough for the pups to come out. Some bitches sometimes have problems because of their pelvic ligaments being more rigid and less relaxed than in young bitches and c-sections are recommended.

Hip Dysplasia denotes an abnormal development of the hip joint(s). Most osteo-arthritis of the hip can be traced to some form of hip dysplasia. Vascular changes in the bony structures of the hip at least, but whether the causes of these changes are pre-natal or post-natal is not clear.

In general, it is thought that hip dysplasia is hereditary in the dog, although opinions vary (due to a recessive factor or due to a dominant factor with irregular penentrance.) Comparing the spread of hip dysplasia in many breeds, the French bulldogs doing quite well. With careful breeding and hoping that the breed will not become a fashion breed, the French bulldog has a healthy future.



The Look of a French Bulldog:

French Bulldogs are on the small side. They have compact, big-boned, muscular frames with smooth coats and "bat-like" ears. Their square heads have rounded skulls, broad muzzles and black noses. Their eyes are small, dark and set low on the face, just above the muzzle. French bulldogs have strong necks, full chests and short, stocky legs. Their tails are short and thick (some have the no tail look), and their soft coats come in solids or combinations of brindle, fawn and white. Overall, French Bulldogs look alert, friendly and sturdy. Trademark traits also include cuddly, fearless, loving & protective.


Ideal Human Compainions:

* Singles

* Retirees

* Active, sporty types

* Families

* City dwellers

* You name it

The French Bulldog's motto is "Love the one you're with". The Frenchie is adaptable to any home environment, as long as it has air conditioning.

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog...

All dogs need mental and physical stimulation. French bullogs often get in trouble when they have not had enough mental and physical activity... in other words, they get bored.

There are various types of activities that you can do together with your Frenchie. Some love to chase and retrieve balls. Although, others will look at you like you have lost your mind if you throw a ball and think they'll go and get it for you. h-a-h-a!

Some French bulldogs love to just go on walks or play with a toy with or just with you. You & your Frenchie might enjoy a dog park and the social aspect of that type of outing.

Your French bulldog can & should participate in obedience training. There are many levels of accomplishment and you and your Frenchie can choose how far you wish to take their training. Many pet stores have training classes. If you want to show your French bulldog check out the AKC show schedule on the AKC website. We have a link to the AKC website on our homepage.

The MOST important part is finding activities in which the two of you can participate together. Fulfilling your French bulldogs' need for activity is as important as affection and love. Ultimately, the time spent together will help you form a stronger bond with your Frenchie. As an added bonus, you will also have a better behaved dog. Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog. Send us a picture of YOUR happy dog...snoozing!

House Training Tips

As with most things in life, there are right and wrong ways to get things done. Rubbing a puppy's nose in a mess is NOT the right way to housetrain. Using ample amounts of supervision and positive reinforcement is. Use the following puppy house training tips to get started on the road to proper puppy potty training.

Getting On the Right Track:

The first course of action in housetraining is to promote the desired behavior.

* Designate a potty area outdoors.

* Guide your French bulldog there to do his business.

* Heartily praise him when he goes.

By occasionally giving him a treat right after your French bulldog finishes, you can encourage him to potty in the desired area. The odor left from previous visits to that area will quickly mark it as the place for the pup to do his business.

Timing Is Important!

A six- to eight-week-old puppy should be taken outdoors every one to three hours. Older puppies can generally wait longer between outings. Most puppies should be taken out:

* After waking in the morning

* After naps

* After meals

* After playing or training

* After being left alone

* Immediately before being put to bed

Pottying on Command:

To avoid spending a lot of time waiting for your puppy to go, you may want to teach him to potty on command. Each time he is in the act of eliminating, simply repeat a unique command, such as "hurry up" or "potty", in an upbeat tone of voice. After a few weeks of training, you'll notice that when you say the command your puppy will begin pre-potty sniffing, circling and then potty shortly after you give the command. Be sure to praise him for his accomplishments. Like all dogs French bulldogs LOVE Praise, sometimes even more than treats!

Feeding Schedules:

Most puppies will potty within an hour after eating. Once you set your French bulldogs' feeding schedule, you will have some control over when he needs to go.

* Schedule your puppy's dinner times so that you will be available to let him out after eating.

* Avoid giving your puppy a large meal just prior to confining him or he may have to go when you're not around to take him out. Schedule feeding two to three times daily on a consistent schedule.

* Have food available for only 30 to 40 minutes then remove it.

* The last feeding of the day should be done several hours before he's confined for the night. By controlling the feeding schedule, exercise sessions, confinement periods and trips outdoors to the potty area, your French bulldog will quickly develop a reliable schedule for potting.

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.
Crate Training Tips

This is one of the best puppy house training tips we have to offer. Training your French bulldog puppy to be comfortable in a crate is a good way to keep him safe and confined during housetraining. Most puppies will quickly accept crate confinement when you make the introduction fun. Since it's important to associate favorable things with the area where your puppy is confined, it is a good idea to play with him there, or simply spend some time reading or watching television nearby as he relaxes with a favorite chew toy. If he is only in the area when you leave, it becomes a social isolation area that he eventually may resist entering.

A good time to start crate training is at dinnertime. Feed your French bulldog puppy his dinner, one piece at a time, by tossing pieces of kibble into the crate for him to chase and eat. This way, you can make a game out of training.

When you pick up his toys, store them in the crate so he will enter on his own to play. You may even want to occasionally hide a biscuit in the crate as a nice surprise.

You should not use the crate for periods that exceed the length of time the pet can actually control the urge to urinate or defecate. If you are gone for long periods each day, you will need to provide a larger confinement area. You may want to consider using an exercise pen or small room.

Provide an area large enough so that if your puppy has to potty when you are gone, he can do it in a space that is separate from his sleeping area. A 15- to 30-square foot area is adequate for most puppies. If he chooses a specific place to eliminate, cover it with paper to make cleanup easier.

Expect Some Mistakes...

Left on his own, the untrained puppy is very likely to make a mistake. Close supervision is a very important part of training. Do not consider your puppy housetrained until he has gone at least four consecutive weeks without pottying in the house. For older dogs, this period should be even longer. Until then:

* Your French bulldog should constantly be in your sight.

* Baby gates can be helpful to control movement throughout the house and to aid supervision.

* Keep them in the crate when unsupervised.

When you're away from home, sleeping or if you're just too busy to closely monitor your pet's activities, confine him to a small, safe area in the home.

Nervous Wetting...

If your puppy squats and urinates when he greets you, he may have a problem called submissive urination. Dogs and puppies that urinate during greetings are very sensitive and should never be scolded when they do this, since punishment inevitably makes the problem worse.

Most young puppies will grow out of this behavior if you are calm, quiet and avoid reaching toward the head during greetings. Another helpful approach is to calmly ask your dog to sit for a very tasty treat each time someone greets him.

Direct Him Away from Problem Areas...

Urine and fecal odor should be thoroughly removed to keep your dog from returning to areas of the home where he made a mess.

* Be sure to use a good commercial product made specifically to clean up doggy odors. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for usage.

* If a carpeted area has been soaked with urine, be sure to saturate it with the cleaning product and not merely spray the surface.

* Rooms in the home where your dog has had frequent mistakes should be closed off for several months.

* He should only be allowed to enter when accompanied by a family member.

Don't Make Things Worse...

It is a rare French bulldog or puppy that can be housetrained without making an occasional mess, so you need to be ready to handle the inevitable problems.

* Do not rely on harsh punishment to correct mistakes. This approach usually does not work, and may actually delay training.

* An appropriate correction consists of simply providing a moderate, startling distraction. You should only do this when you see your dog in the act of pottying in the wrong place.

* A sharp noise, such as a loud "No" or a quick stomp on the floor, is all that is usually needed to stop the behavior. Don't be too loud or your pet may learn to avoid going in front of you, even outdoors.

Practice Patience...

Don't continue to scold or correct your dog after he has stopped soiling. When he stops, quickly take him outdoors so that he will finish in the appropriate area and be praised.

* Never rub your French bulldog's nose in a mess. There is absolutely no way this will help training, and may actually make him afraid of you.


We hope you've found these puppy housetraining tips helpful. The basic principles of housetraining are pretty simple, but a fair amount of patience is required. The most challenging part is always keeping an eye on your active French bulldog puppy. If you maintain control, take your Frenchie outdoors frequently and consistently praise the desired behavior, soon you should have a house-trained companion.

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.


Children and French bulldogs are a natural combination, but children should always be taught to be gentle with their new puppy or adult Frenchie and parents should always supervise interactions.

All children past crawling stage can participate in care in some fashion. A toddler can pick up toys and put them in a box, help straighten bedding, and learn to keep his own toys out of range of your French bulldog's teeth. A pre-school child can do these things and help fix meals and accompany Mom and Frenchie to the veterinary clinic. A kindergartner can help teach your French bulldog to sit before he/she gets a treat and can help with leash training, and an older child can teach tricks and actively participate in good manners training under adult supervision.

Before you bring your French bulldog home:

* Read easy-to-understand books about pet care, safe handling, and dog behavior to your children prior to getting your French bulldog. Discuss what you have read with your children.

* Demonstrate how to properly handle a dog by using a stuffed toy dog. Have your children practice with the toy animal.

* Have a family meeting and set the ground rules for your French bulldog puppy. Children need to agree to follow these rules before and after their new Frenchie comes home.

* Make your French bulldog his/her own little home-within-a-home as a safe haven. Involve children in setting-up this space. Pick a warm, comfortable location for your French bulldog's crate. Enclose an area around it with an exercise pen or cardboard, and line the area with newspapers and a pee pad. Place toys, bowls and bed in this area.

Children and Pets:

* Keep very young children and pets separated. ALWAYS supervise small children and pets. Be sure that older children are treating your pet appropriately.

* When your puppy and kids meet for the first time, it should be done in a calm manner. An adult can hold your French bulldog while children slowly and quietly approach and allow your puppy to smell the back of their loosely closed fist. Then they may gently pet your French bulldog.

* Children must not be allowed to hurt or roughly handle your Frenchie. Don't allow them to pinch or poke your puppy or pull your French bulldog's ears or tail (if they can grip it. tee-hee). Be careful not to let them step on or drop your puppy, or to squeeze him/her "too tightly". A pupy held close to a child's face can accidentally scratch or nip if it becomes frightened and tries to get away.

* Never let a child hit ANY pet. Children should never spank your French bulldog for bad behavior. (Of course, adults should not spank any pets either!)

* French bulldogs may be afraid of squealing, yelling, running stomping children. Keep your French bulldog in their own space when the kids are running, or have them play quiet games when our French bulldog puppy is out.

* Children should not play chase with your French bulldog -- regardless of who is chasing whom. Kids should never be allowed to drag your French bulldog around by the leg, the collar, or a leash.

*Teach children not to sneak up behind or startle your Frenchie and to leave him/her alone when he/she is eating, resting or sick. Pets and kids should be separated when food is around so puppies don't become beggars and thieves and kids don't tease pets with tasty morsels.

*Do not make a young child responsible for your French bulldog's care. When children are old enough then involve them in your French bulldog's daily care and overall training.

* Teach children to nurture, love and respect all pets; teach them by example.

From your French bulldog's point of view, children can be either easy to intimidate or objects of fear. Children who run and scream can excite bold pet's into uncontrolled madness that includes growling and biting or can induce fear in shy pets. Children who try to dominate pets can turn a pet into a biter, and children who are afraid of the pets can turn them into a bully that growls and nips to get his/her way.

Keep in mind that our goal is for our French bulldogs to to Happy, Healthy, Social and Friendly. These are rules of thumb that we follow in our home. If you do the same you will adore your new Frenchie and they will love you right back. French bulldogs aren't known for aggressiveness...more for being stubborn so please just teach your children to be kind, gentle and respectful and your French bulldog will be their lifelong loving companion!

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.

If introductions are not "properly" done, the fur can fly if you already have another pet and add a new one to the household. Here are some steps to help your new French bulldog and old pets adjust to one another.

* If you already have a pet that will not be able to accept or get along with another one, please don't get one of our French bulldogs to your home. You are the only one that knows if your current pet will be accepting.

* If there is more than one other pet at home, introduce your French bulldog to them one at a time, beginning with the alpha (head) dog or cat. Introduce them first through the crate, allowing them to see and smell each other. After a the first day, let them meet without the crate between them, but have one person there to hold each animal.

* Hold introductions in a neutral space if possible, such as in the yard or family room.

* Don't do introductions at meal time and always separate when feeding.

* Each pet must have their own food and water bowls, bed, toys and crate or space. Show the existing pets that they will still get sufficient food, and still have their own possessions that your new French bulldog may not have.

* Keep your new French bulldog and other pets separated until they accept each other's presence. This shouldn't take long but until then...ALWAYS supervise all contact until their relationship is reliable and they get along well.

* The adjustment might not happen overnight. Give them them sufficient time to accept each other. Introductions should be done slowly, you will know when they are ready for full on play.

* Let your existing pets know the new member of the "pack" is here to stay and should be accepted. Let your new French bulldog know they are the new kid on the block and should learn to become part of the pack.

* Give sufficient attention, first, to older pets, then to your new French bulldog. Never leaving either out.

* Owners should continue to support the existing hierarchy of the pack prior to your new French bulldog's arrival, but don't show favoritism to one over another.

* When old and new pets can be together, play as a group and show them that they can have a good time together.

Most of all we want your family experience with your new Frenchie to be positive for you, your family and your other furry family members. These are just a few of the things that we think are important for you to know if you have pets at home.

ON CATS...We have 2 cats and we get lots of questions about French bulldogs & cats. 2 of the most common questions...How well do our French bulldogs get along with our cats? Do we think that their new puppy will get along with their cat? My answer to this is if you own a cat THEN you should KNOW that the CAT decides how well they will get along. However, we do socialize our French bulldog adults and puppies with our cats. The rest is up to YOUR cat.

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.
"NO BITE" is our #1 Rule...

When you get your French bulldog home it is important that you CONTINUE with your puppies "NO BITE" training...

One of the most important socialization skills for a puppy to learn is that he should never bite his human companion.

You must train your French bulldog not to bite because a puppy that bites may grow into an adult dog that bites. Training your French bulldog not to bite at an early age will help your Frenchie to not resort to biting out of fear when placed in a stressful situation.

French Bulldogs aren't aggressive by nature this is something that all puppies need to learn because all puppies like to chew and bite at things. Puppies, like babies, are very oral when they are young. Everything seems to go in the mouth to be tasted, tested and chewed. Biting and chewing is normal playtime behavior for puppies. If you observe puppies at play, they spend much of their time biting and chewing on each other. Without fail, one puppy will eventually bite another too hard. The puppy who is bitten will yelp loudly. The biter lets go and learns not to bite so hard next time if he wants to keep his playmate.

One easy technique you can use to train your French bulldog not to bite is to yelp loudly and scold your puppy firmly every time he bites. Use this technique regardless of how hard or softly your French bulldog bites. If you apply this technique consistently, your Frenchie will learn to control his urges and will not bite. Not only can you train your puppy not to bite in this manner, but you will also be discouraging dominate behavior. Your French bulldog must learn that his human family is at the top of the "pack" and that all commands are to be followed.

Here is another successful technique that can be used to train your French bulldog not to bite. Since puppies will most often bite a moving hand or foot, hold that body part very still. Use your other hand to point at your puppy and in a deep, gruff voice say, "NO BITE" or "Don't Bite". When your puppy lets go, praise him in a happy tone of voice and give him a little treat. Not only are you teaching with positive reinforcement, but this teaches your puppy to control his natural instinct to chase and catch prey.

Your French bulldog will outgrow the annoying behavior of biting and chewing on inappropriate things if it's not allowed to develop in the first place. The key to training your puppy not to bite is to choose one training technique and apply it consistently. Puppies learn best with a single technique that is repeated. Train your French bulldog not to bite and you will have an enjoyable companion for many years.

Staying on top of this will pay off in the end and you'll have a well adjusted and well mannered companion.

We have this page saved as a PDF file and can email to our BlueGrass families. If you would like us to email you the content from this page just email or text Kay.
W A R N I N G...Allergic Reactions!

We got this email from one of our BlueGrass Families. I wanted to share the warning...

We had a scare with Rex last night! This is the one week each month that Hugh and I are both gone all day, so my dad is in charge of his "furry" grandkids. He comes and plays and takes them for a walk 2-3 times a day, with the last visit around 2pm, as I'm home by 5:30. I walked in last night to the usual frog hops from Abby and when I got to Rex's playpen I dropped everything on the floor. It's like he had morphed into a Chinese Shar Pei.

His head and face were twice their normal size. I went into panic mode. I called dad first to see if he noticed anything at 2 and he said everything was perfectly normal. He said that he was rolling around in some leaves under a tree. But didn't notice anything else. I gave him Benadryl that I keep in the dog emergency kit. He was acting normal... his gums were pink, he was breathing ok, but his nostrils were closed more than normal (his nose was whistling when he breathed).

I got him to calm down and lay on the couch and got a good look at his belly. He had a sting mark in his arm pit and other whelps that looked like stings or bites on his belly. I called the ER vet after an hour to give her an update and she said it had to be an allergic reaction to the sting/bites. Then Dr. Kennedy called and agreed with what we were doing.

Rex slept with us last night so I could keep him close and he got another dose in the middle of the night. The swelling in his jowels has gone down quite a bit, but he's still swollen in the forehead. Poor little guy. I just got off the phone with Dr. Kennedy and we're going to keep the Benadryl up for a couple days. He said his swelling will go down slower because of his skin and body type but that he'll be ok.

Rex will be getting extra love for a while... like he doesn't get more than enough, anyway, right?! I'm having dad stay with them today just to make ME feel better. I attached the picture I took... doesn't even look like him! :-( I'll keep you up to date on his progress.

UPDATE--- We are happy to Report that our BlueGrass family said that Rex is back to his normal self. But I want families to know that reactions to stings/bite and even shots can be someting important to watch out for. It is very important that you only make appointments for shots to be given on a day that someone can be home with you pet that whole day to monitor for any kind if allergic reaction! I can't stress the importance of this enough. And go straight to your vet if you notice any type of reaction. It can be swelling or a break out, bumps etc. It is also important to note that a reaction to a yearly shot may not happen on the first or second shot so you need to monitor every time.

We recommend that when you take your Frenchie in for any shot that you plan to be home for the day to watch for any type of allergic reaction. The health & safety or your Frenchies is our main concern here.

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